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Since 2003 our family of design, build, and construction industry magazines have featured industry leaders, and portfolios from various sectors and market locations around the United States. Today with the high demand for the design, build, and construction industry, architectural design and quality building markets are very competitive globally.


In 2018, become the exclusive media delivery platform for this wealth of educational, inspirational construction industry information by these experts of the "Design-Build International Network "– DBIN




Design Build Magazine Introduces The DBIN COMMUNITY


Today's international design-build firms and teams are from diverse cultures and share their knowledge within a growing design-build international network known as the DBIN. A worldwide community of contributors, members, and partners expanding an experienced network of professionals and their firms who share a passion for the design-build and construction industry.


As reputable design-build and construction entities of a global community, we create an environment with a diverse culture encouraging efficiency in construction delivery. Project to project match review is always a welcomed collaborative approach that shifts risk to the design-build entity while creating dominance in the way construction projects are delivered maximizes project efficiencies to– "Design-Build A Greater Tomorrow, Today!"






The DBIN community is influencers with vision who are engineers, architects, builders, and other professionals of the construction industry. They are leaders who are craftsmen and artisans working as a collaborative team of panelists, members and partners featuring the best commercial, residential and specialty design-build projects including new construction, renovations, additions, preservation and other design-build services, information, and ideas from around the world.

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Design-Build CONTENT

These project content on this site ranges from intense design competition entries to simpler, quality-based designs and built selections. The distributor and curator of this premium wealth of technically and highly advanced DBIN content is Design Build Magazine. 


Welcome to Design Build Magazine, your single source for building the project or home of your dreams with the design-build process. We at Design Build Magazine are a group of the industry’s finest architects, designers, builders, and craftsman and artisans spanning the United States and the world to bring you the best ideas and methods in the design-build industry to build strong communities or areas we dwell, work, and visit.

Our experienced match of design-build and construction professionals and Design Build Magazine as the exclusive distribution platform was founded on delivering uncompromised educational content with publishing experience specific to the design-build and construction industry. Our family of magazines since 2003, went exclusively digital on-line founding in 2009.

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Design-Build Magazine FOUNDER/PUBLISHER

Launched in 2009, Design Build Magazine represents the creative vision of publisher, R Thomas Sobotta of R Thomas Consulting, LLC. Collaborative efforts dating back to 2003 with our family of magazines including "" and the 2013 conception of "" all featuring experienced professional contributors of residential, commercial and specialty projects of the design, build and construction industry.


Today the Design Build Magazine is produced by Design Build Media Group and presented by R Thomas Consulting, LLC and remains under the control of its original founder/publisher – R Thomas Sobotta.



 Design Build International Network in partnership with Design Build Magazine is a local and international solution to local and international design-build challenges as an initiative to promote design build and construction.

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Design-Build International Network PUBLICATIONS

The Design Build International Network– DBIN publishing team with all its contributors bring you properties ranging from the finest custom homes, commercial property features, and other real estate developments of the design-build and construction industry including specialty projects.

Our resources come from our family of magazines, publications, partners and contributors as the DBIN industry-specific media platform combining rich content and experience of "Builder Remodeler Magazine,, and the original Design Build Magazine" forming a global community of information at



Design-Build VISION

Browse our Design Build Magazine and get inspired, learn, and collaborate. As an online virtual community, our interactive publication about the residential, commercial and specialty projects of the design-build and construction industry continue to captivate readership from around the world. Dynamic features include new construction, home improvement, and renovations for enthusiasts, business owners, and developers completed by quality experienced construction professionals.


You'll find a showcase of valuable resources using the latest technologies creating stunning photography, video, 360, and 3D photography tours for a truly interactive virtual experience of finished projects highlighting innovative projects including new construction, landscape design, artisan-crafted finishes and exquisitely appointed interiors from the world marketplace's finest design-build professionals.


Design / Build PROCESS

So what exactly is involved in the residential design-build process? Below is a list of some of the basic steps to help in the design and build of new construction and remodeling of unified residential projects by project owner making recommendations and addressing changes by this one design build entity to aid in a smooth as possible turn-key-process. This free "Guide to Residential Design Build" is created in collaboration with design build professionals from the United States and around the globe.


With this Design Build Process Guide you get checklists and more detailed information on each of the steps for residential design build.

Be sure to sign up to receive a copy.


13 Design / Build Steps to follow in the construction process:


Design-Build EDUCATION

Originally Produced by Publishing Design Group, LLC, Design Build Magazine is a premier publication to learn about the residential, commercial and specialty design-build industry. We appealing to a wide range of readers including new construction and home-improvement enthusiasts, business owners and design-build professionals including Architects, Builders, Interior Designers, Artisans, Craftsmen, and much more.


“Design-Build A Greater Tomorrow, Today!”


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